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From wall-mounted 2-dimensional carvings to exquisite hand-carved altars and baptismal fonts, King Richard’s is your one choice for proper installation of your marble artwork and furnishings. As the foundation for your sacred space and sanctuary, marble furnishings require untold hours of research, planning, and modification plus the eventual execution and installation. We challenge you to find someone in North America who has performed more church marble work projects in the past decade than King Richard’s.

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Our experienced crews will install your new marble in a manner which accentuates its aesthetic integrity while working in a manner respectful of the liturgical environment into which it is being placed. At all times our employees uphold safe work practices in keeping with OSHA guidelines and all local and state ordinances.

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To learn why King Richard’s is trusted by more religious institutions coast to coast than any other company, contact one of our liturgical consultants today.

[Click here to learn why King Richard’s is your qualified marble counselor]

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