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Liturgical Design and Decorating FAQ

How many people work for King Richard’s and what is their training?

King Richard’s is proud of our experienced, diverse team of liturgical designers who work closely with their artisanal colleagues in carrying out the visions of our clients. Their areas of expertise represent the diversity of our craftsmanship from painters to glaziers to stained glass restorers all trained in traditional European techniques. Our specialty construction crews practice quality, time-tested construction techniques with a respectful acknowledgement of the surroundings within they work.

Do we need to have services in another building during the work?

No, we will work around your services and activities. We only ask that you advise us of your schedule.

Can you help us with a budget?

Yes. A key component of any successful project is prudent fiscal management. King Richard’s sales consultants will provide you with all the costs associated with your project as well as costs for reasonable substitutes or alternatives. These can be further broken down into phases to better match your fundraising efforts.

Do you work in our area?

We have completed projects nationwide as well as in Europe and Japan. King Richard’s is always just around the corner from you. In reviewing our website, you will see that we have been performing our services nationally for decades. We are not your local craft shop but a fully staffed contracting corporation.

Do you work on small churches?

Yes, we serve churches of all sizes.