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Our Liturgical Design Philosophy

Liturgical Design Image design_001

At King Richard’s we strive to harmoniously marry practical design with exquisite liturgically appropriate artwork and furnishings crafted using time-honored techniques to produce an engaging, inspiring environment fit to welcome the Divine Presence.

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Or even more simply put: you will never confuse our church designs for any other type of building or product.

A church should remind us of the holiness of God. A properly designed church should whisper its sacred message without the help of a preacher, teacher or guide. Everything about its design, its presentation and its appearance should lend itself to its one purpose: worship of God.

To achieve this end, our liturgical consultants draw upon nearly three decades of experience and inspiration evoked working with thousands of religious facilities of all sizes and make-ups. We strongly believe in the power of beautiful artwork and furnishings to enhance the spiritual experience of your faith community.

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