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Liturgical Design for Furniture & Fittings

Let King Richard’s liturgical consultants design exquisite furniture and fittings which foster the graceful celebration of services in a dignified, uplifting atmosphere.

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Just like houses of God should be magnificent, their furnishings must also reflect the finest quality materials and design. Since we have acquired more antique furniture from churches than anyone in North America, it is only natural that our staff is among the industry’s most educated design consultants. We have not only seen and studied the hundreds of pieces which have passed through our warehouses, we have seen the thousands of pieces of furniture in churches we have worked in. Our artists have created new historically correct altars which match existing pieces from some of the greatest church builders from more than a century ago. While we understand that only a handful of people in the country can name ten different church furniture/altar companies from a century ago, we can name almost all of them. We are not only church craftsmen, we are historians and collectors of these companies’ history and culture.

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We create time honored designs and traditional furniture and fittings that look like they belong in a church. They will be creations specific to your house of God and will never be confused with any other type of furniture except those that belong in sacred spaces.

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We believe the 60's are over! To see examples of this horrible era’s influence on church interiors, click here!

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At King Richard’s we draw inspiration from our warehouse which is home to hundreds of antique furnishings and fittings recovered from churches and religious facilities around the world. You are welcome to join us for a visit and a consultation. Or our design consultants can help you refine your original concepts through watercolor or CAD mock-ups that virtually position your altar, sedalia, pews or other religious item within your church or your campus giving you unmatched perspective during the drafting process. Visit our facility to see thousands of fittings and furniture. We will make sure your visit is worth your time and effort!

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There will be no surprises when the finished product arrives! With more than three decades of satisfied customers to our credit, we know we can provide the unique furnishings your space deserves.

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