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Liturgical Design for Renovations

Whether you are considering a major expansion or a subtle restoration, choose King Richard’s, the one source parishes around the world turn to time and time again for complete contracting services.

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King Richard's design division has been actively engaged in the specialty contracting business for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Atlanta, we have successfully completed renovations for churches, seminaries, hospitals, schools, diocesan facilities, convents, funeral homes, cemeteries, and private chapels, throughout all 50 states, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Africa, and Australia.

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                Inspiring Space Transformed by King Richard's

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Liturgical design as part of the renovation process became part of King Richard’s evolution a long time ago. Being the largest preservationist company in the world for large scale marble altar sets, complete sets of historic set of stained glass windows, historic lighting and countless other religious artifacts, clients started asking us to use our unmatched on-site, hands-on experience to help design their spaces. The theme was always the same: “Can’t you make our church look the way it used to?” We were proud to answer, “Yes we can.”

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We often ask ourselves “Who enters, visits, or works in more than 500 churches a year in North America?” To be honest, we didn’t create this experience as part of a business marketing plan. We simply visit that many closed churches, sold churches, changing ownership, churches wanting to buy our products and churches wanting us to do liturgical design for them. Since we do all our own work, we are personally there, in your churches seeing them, bidding on them, hearing all the stories and challenges as well as needs for repairs, restorations and new or corrective design. We are not your local contractor that only works in a limited geographic area. We literally work in all states and, in the past several years, continents. What all this translates into is an experienced and passionate staff that has worked in and on thousands of church interiors. Each time, even if it was for a short period of time, we were there seeing yet another historic structure and learning from generations before. It is for these reasons we can honestly state we have unmatched experience and skills that aren’t taught in old liturgical books or read online. They are simply the result of an uncontrollable passion for our Lord’s houses.

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When it comes to renovating cleaned out Vatican II churches and making your church look the way it used to, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by utilizing our sacred passion for any and all renovations/additions. If this doesn’t persuade you, then simply the ease of being able to make one phone call for all your fittings, design and contracting will make your project more successful. Our services can take you from concept to fulfillment, providing artistic insight and collaborative engagement with contractors, building committees, and inspectors so that a place of sacred beauty emerges. At King Richard’s we pair technical expertise with liturgical diligence to create settings which meet the legacy standard.

       Chicago - King Richard's Transforms Class Room in to Adoration Chapel

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