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Guidelines for Committees

Liturgical Design and Decorating 6-Guidelines for Committees

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We feel a responsibility to all those that came before you that made your project possible.

Those that crossed the ocean to the new world, those who came here with change in their pockets, no job, no home and sacrificed immensely for this house of God, the center of their new community, their sacred space on earth.

Do you feel the same way? Do you feel a responsibility not only to those that made this possible for you but also for the next generation of pilgrims completing this project on their journey to heaven? If you believe this, as our principals do, then read no more and click here for a no obligation, no charge presentation.

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We encourage you to embrace that long before color schemes,materials and budgets are chosen and set firm, a meaningful discussion needs to occur regarding what needs to happen to create an inviting, prayerful liturgical space. This conversation is all about “how to make your church look like a church” within the architectural style of choice. It’s not about any of the infrastructure within the walls of church or the kind of rooms to be included in the design of the church building or what the church is made of… it’s only about “liturgical” items you need in your church.

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Once the liturgical importance of these items to your faith and to your church is ascertained, the parish can allocate the proper amounts of funding to achieve the outcome desired by the parishioners. You won’t have to compromise on important liturgical items during the construction process. You are building a sacred space, a house of God that serves one and only one priority: a heaven on earth that enhances your faith and devotion. If your parish’s priorities don’t align with these philosophies, we can help you understand why they should.

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At a different point you will have the conversations about color schemes, buttresses, niches, beams or no beams – ceiling, columns, flooring materials, etc. We will send you examples of: Gothic, Romanesque, and Contemporary churches. You will research, choose and allocate using your original liturgical conversations as your guide.

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As you are going through this process, King Richard’s will accompany you through every step. We can attend meetings to provide information and to answer questions. We will provide visuals which will help stimulate dialogue and healthy debate. And, based on the results of your first meetings, we can together work toward achieving the results your parish seeks. We are not afraid to tell you what others won’t. We know what the majority of parishes desire today, and we are experts at helping parishes express those desires through appropriate liturgical design. If you want your sacred space to be a true house of God when you enter, we are the choice for you.

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Did you know that in the very distant past churches contemplating new construction would invite designers/architects to submit "their vision" of the proposed sacred space after a general vision was presented by the parish, priest or others to these designers? They would then come up with their design and a winner would be chosen by the parish which would then award the contract to the WINNER! Today, the process involves fielding countless phone calls from local and national architects who "want to bid" and be the lowest bidder to build your new church. What happened to the days when a parish’s desire to create their “heaven on earth to pray in” trumped the bottom line? Click here to see examples of where that “heavenly vision” fell short.

Building a new church and desire some other ideas and options? Click here to request a presentation based on your architects drawings. This is our specialty, our passion, our one true business: liturgical arts and contracting. We don’t do anything else.

You or your architects can provide us the “box” or old dated space, and we will give you a sacred space that will inspire for generations.

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