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What is a Liturgical Consultant?

A liturgical consultant is not an architect who specializes in a niche market. From the earliest stages of design, a liturgical consultant assists the pastor, staff and the entire parish in its continuing education about the importance, role and value of worship and guides them toward artwork and design which meet these standards. He works with the design team to apply the principles and norms of liturgical design to the practical and spiritual needs of the parish.

Liturgical Design Image 001Liturgical Design Image 002
Before After
Liturgical Design Image 004Liturgical Design Image 005
Before After
Liturgical Design Image 006Liturgical Design Image 007
Before After
Liturgical Design Image 009Liturgical Design Image 010
Before After

Is a liturgical consultant better at designing sacred spaces than 99.9% of North America’s architects? A resounding Yes! Just as an architect is better at stress loads, master planning and budgeting construction cost, a liturgical consultant spends 100% of his time working, studying, educating himself, designing, building, and renovating churches and only churches. An architect spends most of his time designing and building strip malls, office buildings, houses, garages, schools and hospitals. Which would you rather have design your sacred space: a liturgical consultant who does it every day and every week of the year, year after year, or an architect who does this maybe once or twice a year amongst all his other projects?

Liturgical Design Image 011Liturgical Design Image 012Liturgical Design Image 013
Before Liturgical Design by
King Richard's
After Install by King Richard's
Liturgical Design Image 014Liturgical Design Image 015Liturgical Design Image 016
Before Liturgical Design by
King Richard's
After Install by King Richard's

A liturgical consultant works with and leads the design team of a liturgical space as it contemplates building new or renovating. From the earliest stages of design, he assists in the education of the pastor, parish councils and parishioners regarding the importance, standards, role, and communal value this house of God must meet. The liturgical consultant must have hands-on experience with liturgical artwork, products, numerous art mediums, devotional items, canon law and the general guidelines of the Bishops council for new/renovating churches. This consultant will work with the entire design team to aid them in the priorities of the traditional sacred space and the norms of liturgical design to create a house of God within the parameters of their particular expression of Christian faith.

Liturgical Design Image 017Liturgical Design Image 018Liturgical Design Image 019
Liturgical Design Image 020Liturgical Design Image 021Liturgical Design Image 022Liturgical Design Image 023Liturgical Design Image 024
Liturgical Design Image 025Liturgical Design Image 026
Liturgical Design Image 027 Liturgical Design Image 028Liturgical Design Image 029
Hand Drawn Watercolor Rendering  
Liturgical Design Image 030
Liturgical Design Image 032Liturgical Design Image 033 Liturgical Design Image 034

King Richard’s liturgical consultants take a cross-disciplinary approach to each design project integrating Old World techniques, advanced construction technology, art history, architecture, liturgical knowledge, meaningful cost analysis, and engineering to produce a worship space which fits your faith community’s spiritual needs. Acoustics, the flow and movement of people during services and liturgical celebrations and location of the Eucharist in relation to these activities all are evaluated by the liturgical consultant. Our clients benefit from a single-source approach, experience gained from more than three decades of work, and a unified artistic and engineering perspective. Throughout the design process, our liturgical consultants’ actions uphold one belief: a church is a specialized building unlike no other on earth; it is an expression of heaven on earth. God gave us his best and He deserves our best in his worship space.

Liturgical Design Image 035Liturgical Design Image 036Liturgical Design Image 037
CAD Design
Liturgical Design Image 038Liturgical Design Image 039 Liturgical Design Image 040
CAD Design Artistic Hand Drawing
Liturgical Design Image 048 Liturgical Design Image 041
Liturgical Design Image 042
Liturgical Design Image 043
CAD Rendering
Liturgical Design Image 044
Liturgical Design Image 045
Liturgical Design Image 046
Liturgical Design Image 047
CAD Rendering of Marble Font