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Know of a facility that has statues we can rescue?

At King Richard’s we are passionate about our business. We don’t simply reclaim “items”; we restore liturgical works of art to their former glory, preserving them for future generations to enjoy. Visit our archives, talk with our consultants, and you will meet a company whose dedication to its work extends well beyond its office walls.

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If you are aware of a statue or church artifact which may fall victim to disuse, disrepair, or worse, complete destruction, call King Richard’s. Not only will King Richard’s work to recover and refurbish the piece, we will seek to find a new proper liturgical home for it. Great care is always given to the final placement of any item, and only appropriate liturgical contexts are considered.

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If your church, monastery, convent or facility is renovating, consolidating or closing, please allow King Richard's an opportunity to purchase items no longer designated for use. We also purchase from individuals/private collectors. We have a long standing reputation in the industry for compensating at fair market value and have the ability to present you with the immediate capital for your current project or needs.

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[Click here to tell us about statues you want us to help rescue!]

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