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Written Specifications for Installations

In conjunction with the design and installation of any statuary, King Richard’s is happy to provide written specifications which detail the precise weight, measurements, installation requirements and architectural provisions for your statue. This knowledge is the result of hundreds of statue installations and removals in most of our 50 states and the various local codes associated with that work.

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Your turnkey experience doesn’t end at the point of sale with King Richard’s. Unlike a catalog rep or an online auctioneer, King Richard’s consultants are experienced designers with the know-how to assure the successful and safe installation of any purchase you make from us. Our consultants are thoroughly knowledgeable on all aspects of safe construction practices including OSHA regulations, EPA restrictions and all state provisions.

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When you purchase from King Richard’s, you also receive the peace of mind that comes with three decades of satisfied customers and the answers to all your design and logistics questions, many which you might never have thought to ask.

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