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Statue Pedestals

Once you have decided on the size of your statuary, the material, its style and subject matter, even how it will be lit, you are still one step short of greenlighting the project. You must decide on the proper foundation on which to display your new piece of art.

Statuary Image st-19_02
Statuary Image st-19_03Pedestals can be as ornate or as rudimentary as you like. You can incorporate vines and tendrils, mimic a Roman column, or enhance the subject matter with additional objects which tell the statue’s story such as a globe or boat. Other times, one may choose to simply construct an unadorned pedestal which serves as a blank backdrop to the visual beauty of the statue itself.

In all cases, you must ensure the material used to construct the pedestal is appropriate and strong enough to manage the weight and size of the statue it supports as well as to endure the environmental conditions in which it will reside. Ideally, your pedestal should be designed at the same time as your statuary.

Statuary Image st-19_04Statuary Image st-19_05

King Richard’s has the design and construction experience to provide you with a pedestal that is both visually pleasing and environmentally safe. Our design experts can walk you through building requirements for pads, footings, and construction. We can provide hundreds of examples of bases from our client portfolios or spark your inspiration from our photo library of antique church statuary from around the world. A pedestal is more than a “box” to set your devotional images on; it is a cohesive part of your sacred space.

Statuary Image st-19_06Statuary Image st-19_07Statuary Image st-19_08Statuary Image st-19_09Statuary Image st-19_10

To let the collaborative team at King Richard’s provide the final crucial element of your statuary installation, call us today at 678-393-6500.

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