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Statuary Appraisals

Whether for insurance reasons, to price out repairs, or to gather information regarding a potential sale, knowledgeable assessments of your statuary’s value is critical to any community.

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To meet these needs, King Richard’s has designed an appraisal program which will walk you through the process of gathering critical information so that, should the need occur, you are amply prepared. And while almost any catalog can quote you a replacement value for non-custom works of art, only King Richard’s can actually provide fair market values for wood, bronze or marble one-of-a-kind works of art.

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To begin, enter you church name and other basic information in the form below and click Submit. On the following page, you will provide us with information regarding each individual statue including size (in inches), manufacturer (if known), age, and location. You will also be asked to upload a photo of each statue.

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Our liturgical consultants will review the information and provide you with a written appraisal value. This number will act as a guide for you to properly insure the statuary, plan for future maintenance costs, and as documentation should the unexpected occur.

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What You Need:

1) You will need a clear overall photo of each statue. Ample lighting will allow for details regarding aging, damage, and general wear and tear to be better viewed and evaluated.

2) Measure each statue (in inches) width and height. Measure both the individual sections of statue (pedestal, figures, accents) as well as the overall size.

3) Identify each statue. You can use descriptions such as uppermost left reredos, Saint Michael, or use the name on a memorial plate (ie. Dedicated to John Doe).

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