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Have a Statue For Sale?

King Richard’s is the largest buyer of religious artifacts, including antique statuary, in the United States. Whether you have a simple saint image or a complex holy family scene, we have the resources, crews, experience, and insurance all in house to handle removal of your statue in a timely and professional manner. And when we say “we”, we mean our actual full-time employees, not someone else’s.

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Selling your no longer used or unwanted statuary to King Richard’s allows you to regain much needed space as well as earn funds toward the purchase or upkeep of other appointments. With more than 1,000 statuary projects completed, we have the greatest buying power in the U.S. with the most respected full-time buyers and crews available. That’s why King Richard’s has the industry’s most solid reputation in the acquisition and sale of religious artifacts. Furthermore, we don’t disrespect sacred images by peddling them on internet auction sites which upsets the faithful.

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Give us a call today for a free estimate or on-site evaluation. We’ll help you determine the appropriate price for your statuary based on condition, quality of craftsmanship, material, and origin. Naturally, we pay for all shipping and trucking costs on any and all items we purchase.

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[For a guide to offering King Richard’s statuary for liturgical reuse, click here]