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Renderings and Drawings

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While conceptually the design and style of a statue can seem appropriate for your worship space, seeing it brought to life on paper is a tangible, dramatic confirmation of that vision. Unlike a church catalog vendor or a guy hawking a plaster St. Peter on Ebay that already needs complete restoration, King Richard’s artists can provide you with an individualized CAD drawing of your new marble or bronze statue in its intended setting. Judging proportions and style accurately are keys to creating an overall cohesive environment, a task made easier with the expert help of King Richard’s architectural renderings. If preferred, King Richard’s can also provide watercolors, pen and ink drawings, or Photoshopped mock-ups.

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These materials are also helpful in illustrating and explaining plans to prospective donors and parishioners and allow you to actually participate in the design. Potential donors and parish councils appreciate these large scale drawings where they can actually “see what they are getting.” If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine what a King Richard’s rendering can be worth to your campaign fund!

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