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King Richard’s is the only call you need to make for your new statuary to go from rough sketch to finished installation. You deserve King Richard’s turnkey service from a single insured source that specializes in this field.

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Once our artisans have crafted a statue that meets your aesthetic specifications, King Richard’s custom installation team gets to work safely delivering and securing your artwork using proven techniques which fortify the statue’s base and prevent unintended movement or damage. We have installed statues with our own employees from Canada to Miami and Seattle to San Diego. We understand codes, loads, earthquake code and construction methods. We don’t leave you at the point of sale; we are there through completion.

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In all cases, the material used to construct the pedestal, footings or pad is appropriate and sufficiently strong to manage the weight and size of the statue it supports as well as to endure the environmental conditions in which it will reside. All OSHA guidelines and local and state codes are always met so you can rest easy knowing that the safety of both the statue and its admirers is guaranteed.

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King Richard’s has the design and construction experience to install your statuary in such a way that is both visually pleasing and environmentally safe. We can provide hundreds of examples of installations from our client portfolio. From 2-story high installations to 4-foot single images, no piece is too large or too small to receive King Richard’s dedicated attention to detail. Challenge us with your complete design and install needs!

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[To request a specification for your delivery and install collaboration, click here]

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