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True Custom Statuary

Here at King Richard’s we have a keen eye for designing statuary which enhances the unique character of your religious organization and compliments the daily expression of its faith. Just as no two faith communities have identical personalities, their liturgical artwork too should be unique and custom designed, not reproductions out of a church catalog.

Statuary Image st-07_01Statuary Image st-07_02Statuary Image st-07_03
Statuary Image st-07_04Statuary Image st-07_05Statuary Image st-07_06Statuary Image st-07_07Statuary Image st-07_08
Statuary Image st-07_09Statuary Image st-07_10Statuary Image st-07_11Statuary Image st-07_12

There are truly countless options most people are not aware of or you can’t obtain from a molded piece in an A, B, or C catalog choice. If you are serious about creating a devotional statue that will never be thrown away or replaced, start with true quality today for your house of God or chapel.

Statuary Image st-07_13Statuary Image st-07_14Statuary Image st-07_15Statuary Image st-07_16
Statuary Image st-07_17Statuary Image st-07_18Statuary Image st-07_19Statuary Image st-07_20
Statuary Image st-07_21Statuary Image st-07_22Statuary Image st-07_23Statuary Image st-07_24Statuary Image st-07_25

Whether your facility’s architecture is modern, traditional, gothic, roman or somewhere in between, King Richard’s broad inventory of statuary, from classically inspired renderings to sleek modern pieces, will fit in comfortably with your other liturgical artwork selections.

Statuary Image st-07_26 Statuary Image st-07_27Statuary Image st-07_28Statuary Image st-07_29
Statuary Image st-07_30Statuary Image st-07_31Statuary Image st-07_32

Or bring us the fragments of your concept and we will nurture and craft them into a new custom piece specifically designed to reflect the liturgical personality of your community. Working in wood, marble, or bronze, our craftsmen use traditional techniques to produce breathtaking images that captivate the imagination and inspire reflection on the subject’s divine bearing.

Statuary Image st-07_33 Statuary Image st-07_34Statuary Image st-07_35