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Customizing Your Statue

Here at King Richard’s, we want your statuary to be as unique as the community in which it will reside. Whether you choose to create a custom original model in bronze or start with a stock piece in fiber resin, know that our artisans will work to produce a piece which captures the unique character of your parish.

Statuary Image st-06_01Statuary Image st-06_02Statuary Image st-06_03Statuary Image st-06_04
Statuary Image st-06_05Statuary Image st-06_06Statuary Image st-06_07Statuary Image st-06_08Statuary Image st-06_09

First, our design consultants will work with you to create a sketch of the subject matter. Ideas can be drawn from our vast library of statuary images, our broad selection of antique statuary in our Atlanta warehouse, or from profiles of the hundreds of clients we have satisfied in the past. Our designs are always based on an appreciation for liturgical tradition, a keen understanding of iconography, adherence to liturgical law as well as a sound understanding of the practical needs of a community.

Statuary Image st-06_10Statuary Image st-06_11Statuary Image st-06_12Statuary Image st-06_13
Statuary Image st-06_14Statuary Image st-06_15Statuary Image st-06_16Statuary Image st-06_17

Then, in our unique pairing of technology and old world techniques, we can actually “place” your statue in its future location through the use of visual technology so that you can see how the statue’s size, style, placement, and character marry with the surrounding environment. Modifications can then be made so that the resulting piece is fully acceptable to your faith community.

Statuary Image st-06_18Statuary Image st-06_19Statuary Image st-06_20Statuary Image st-06_21

King Richard’s artisans then go about the challenging work of creating a piece of art faithful to your design so that you are 100% completely satisfied with the result.

Statuary Image st-06_22Statuary Image st-06_23
Statuary Image st-06_24Statuary Image st-06_25Statuary Image st-06_26Statuary Image st-06_27
Statuary Image st-06_28Statuary Image st-06_29Statuary Image st-06_30

[Click here to get started on your traditional statue]

Statuary Image st-06_31
Statuary Image st-06_32Statuary Image st-06_33Statuary Image st-06_34Statuary Image st-06_35
Statuary Image st-06_36Statuary Image st-06_37Statuary Image st-06_39Statuary Image st-06_38
Statuary Image st-06_41Statuary Image st-06_40Statuary Image st-06_42
Statuary Image st-06_44Statuary Image st-06_43Statuary Image st-06_45
Statuary Image st-06_48Statuary Image st-06_47Statuary Image st-06_46
Statuary Image st-06_51Statuary Image st-06_52Statuary Image st-06_50Statuary Image st-06_53
Statuary Image st-06_49Statuary Image st-06_54Statuary Image st-06_56Statuary Image st-06_55
Statuary Image st-06_59Statuary Image st-06_60Statuary Image st-06_58Statuary Image st-06_57