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Guide to Purchasing Statuary

No better form of artwork better confers the uplifting themes of love and sacrifice than carefully crafted statuary. As you begin the selection process, several key factors should be considered.

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Statuary can be produced in bronze, marble, wood or fiber resin, each with their attending benefits and drawbacks. Bronze is a timeless choice for outdoor placement but can be a warm, welcoming choice in appropriate indoor settings as well. Should the cool tones of marble be your choice, its country of origin is significant in terms of its texture, durability, color, and malleability. Wood is the classic indoor choice but with proper finishes, can also be a fine outdoor piece. All three of these materials can be used for custom original designs and finished in their natural state or complimented with resins and paint. A durable, cost-effective fourth choice which also works well with paint, fiberglass resin has the drawback of being unavailable for customer’s original designs and lacks high quality, high relief details. Only mass manufactured statues are available from molds.

Hand Carved Wood Marble Bronze Resin
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There are alternatives to the countless mundane church catalogs. Out customers want something special which is worthy of devotion.

Antique Statuary

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Size of Image

The size of your image must be determined in relation to the overall size of the entire installation. The size of the pedestal as well as objects such as crowns, halos, and staffs can add significant height to a statue turning a 6-foot image of Jesus into a 9-foot installation. The addition of a secondary figure or a significant gesture by the lone figure can also add significant width to a piece. Buyer beware when ordering statues by height. Does the height include base, halo or other non-figural objects?

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Quality of Carving

For intricate pieces with delicate flourishes, the success of a piece is largely dependent on the selection of a material whose malleability accommodates such detailed work. Italian marbles, for example, are more pliant than their stiffer marble counterparts from China. And while bronze is a warm, long-lasting choice, intricate detail may be lost if the casting is not completed appropriately by seasoned professionals.

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Searching for inspiration? Visit King Richard’s Atlanta showroom or browse our online offerings. At those sites, you will find a wide inventory of restored antique offerings and glimpse statuary purchased by or created for hundreds of religious facilities throughout the United States and the world.

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