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Lighting Restoration

The daily wear and tear of religious services, aging materials and environmental conditions can prematurely age your lighting fixtures even to the point of making them unsafe for use. At King Richard’s we use modern techniques to evaluate and restore your lighting fixtures, allowing their quality craftsmanship and unique design to shine through.

King Richard’s most often undertakes lighting restorations as part of a larger renovation or reconstruction project for a parish. However, we welcome individual projects as well. After the existing conditions of the lights are evaluated, on-site inspections determine the best manner in which to renew their appearance without damage. Consideration is also given to improving safety and energy efficiency. King Richard’s investigative work, teamed with its knowledge of historical finishes and efficient lighting design, allows us to provide you with a complete report on the steps needed to restore your lights.


Restoration process - set of historic lights.

Lighting Image 0401Lighting Image 0402Lighting Image 0403

Lights acquired and removed by King Richard's in Pennsylvania.

Lighting Image 0404Lighting Image 0405Lighting Image 0406

Lights after our polishing and cleaning in their new home in Peoria, IL.

Lighting Image 0407Lighting Image 0408Lighting Image 0409

All new glass being made in Birmingham, England.

Lighting Image 0410Lighting Image 0411Lighting Image 0412

Lights in their new home for the next generation.

Lighting Image 0413