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Making Churches look like Churches

Within a single company, King Richard's offers unprecedented integration of services and products by combining technology with old world artistry, design, construction, and project management while implementing problem-solving skills that result in the ability to deliver the finest unique services and product at one source.

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Featured Products

English Stations of the Cross

This fantastic set of Stations of the Cross are English (circa 1920). They feature terra cotta figural inserts with solid oak period frames. Church and decorative arts in the source Church were designed by Pugin (of London) in the early 1900s. $14,000 for the full set of 14 Stations of the Cross

Large Stations of the Cross

Large Stations of the Cross. Antique, plaster stations in good condition. Dims: Height 55" + 12" for cross, W 35", D 8.5"

Cast Bronze Stations of the Cross

New Cast Bronze Stations of the Cross. These beautiful 1' x 1' stations feature high relief and traditional depictions. Call today for pricing.

Pair of Very Ornate Marble and Onyx Side Altar/Shrines

Circa 1920s-1930s very ornate marble and onyx side altar/shrines. Tabernacles can be used or new marble panel can be made to cover up the opening with a symbol on it if desired. Very high relief marble carvings on capitals, symbols and foliage panels of grapes and wheat. Inlaid onyx on the gradines

Set of 14 Antique Saint Windows

Great set of 14 windows. Can be cut down in height, made wider/narrower as needed. Height = 25'  Width = 25"

Antique Mary and Joseph Stained Glass Windows

Mary and Joseph matched pair of stained glass windows. These have been re-leaded. Sold only as a pair. See Also KRSTG-824 (matching - the 4 Evangelists). Height = 77"   Width = 40"

Antique Set of 4 Evangelist Stained Glass Windows

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John windows. Great size for Adoration Chapel, Sacristy, or Small Chapel. These windows have been completely restored/releaded recently. Sold only as a set of 4.

Gothic White Carrara Marble High Altar/Reredos

Gothic High Altar/Reredos with finely carved details throughout. Altar can be reconfigured to fit almost any Sanctuary. Other furnishings can be made to match. Height = approximately 32'  Width = approximately 15'

Sacred Heart Antique Marble Shrine with Onyx Columns & Inlay

Marble Sacred Heart Shrine. High relief carvings throughout. Has arch top which can easily be cut straight at time of installation.

Pair of Marble Roman Railings

Italian marble altar railing in excellent condition.   Two Sections: each is 22 feet in length.

Traditional Statue Pedestal Shrine

Marble Traditional Statue Pedestal. Could be made into Tabernacle stand or Altar of Sacrifice. See matching piece KRALTAR-1217.

Antique Marble Shrine with Red Columns

Marble Side Altar or Shrine. Back top is curved but can be cut straight with little effort on site at installation. Can also be made into a reredos or adoration chapel shrine. See matching piece - KRALTAR-1274

Large Beautiful Set of Oil on Canvas Stations with Carved Frames

This vintage set of oil on canvas paintings/stations with carved wood frames are hard to find restored! These are beautiful and in ready to use condition. The frames can be used as is or painted with gold detailing. Sold only as a complete set. Dimensions: H = 6'10", W = 40"

St Agnes Stained Glass Window

Beautiful Gothic window featuring St Agnes.  Approximate overall dimensions are 7'H x 3'W.

St George Stained Glass Window

Beautiful Gothic stained glass window featuring St. George. Approximate overal dimensions 7'H x3'W.

Marble Altar Set

Beautiful Reredos and Side Altars in contemporary style. Dimensions: (Reredos) 60"W x 30"D x 40"H (Side Altars) 120"W x 48"D x 40"H

Set of 10 - Jesus, Mary, 4 Evangelists and Saints

Great original condition. Figures include: 4 Evangelists, Sacred Heart Jesus, Immaculate Heart Mary, St Augustine, St Aloysius and other male saints. Dimensions: Sacred Heart Jesus - 60"H x 32"W Immaculate Heart Mary - 60"H x 32"W St Augustine - 46"H x 28"W St Aloysius - 60"H x 32"W Other Male

Set of 18 Marian Windows

Set of 18 Marian windows.  Dimensions: H = 154"  W 32" Use as is or cut down.

Set of 16 Symbol-Saint Windows

Rectangular set of Symbol-Saint windows. Sts Peter and Paul, Pius IX, Pius XII, Chalice, Eucharist, St Joseph, Mary, and Holy Spirit. Dimensions: H = 45"  W = 28"

Carved Wood Frame and Composition 1920's Stations of the Cross

Large 5' by 5' Double Stations of the Cross. There are 10 single stations and 4 double stations. All are in original condition.

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