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King Richard's believes that every altar should be a work of art and should only be guided by experienced hands from the design/drawing stage through the actual carving and construction of the altar.

As all devotions of the church center upon the altar that furnishings logically becomes the most essential part of church planning. It is the most important and the most conspicuous detail of the church interior. Upon its successful realization in an artistic sense depends the beauty of the entire church. Begin with a beautiful altar, and all other furnishings will follow as a “natural sequence”.

King Richard's has every capability in house to design, carve/craft, deliver and install your altar in any material you specify.

King Richard's is proud to have one of the largest religious artifacts archives in the world. Our archive consists of hundreds of church supply catalogs, stained glass manufacturer's catalogs, church furniture makers' catalogs and designs, thousands of original blue prints, watercolors, church proposals, hundreds of religious reference books, and thousands of original church photographs.

No other company in the world has designed, built, installed and dismantled more marble and wood altars than King Richard's.

Whether you are looking to reproduce or reinterpret an original design or create a new one, we help officials at parishes, archdioceses, churches, convents and missionaries see the endless possibilities.

To learn why King Richard's is trusted by more religious institutions than any other firm, simply view our online gallery. Through our international contacts, we have obtained or crafted hundreds of high-end marble and wood altars and arranged for their delivery and installation in many of the world's most important religious facilities. In addition, we are the largest purchaser and remover of antique altars in the world, restoring and refinishing them to their original glory. We have unsurpassed experience importing, exporting, building, dismantling and installing wood and marble altars up to five stories high with our own skilled artisans.

If you need an altar expertly moved, restored or appraised, please contact our qualified experts today.

View Current Inventory Here:

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