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New Custom Crucifix/Cross – Our Design or Yours

Let King Richard’s craftsmen and experienced designers breathe life into your sacred space and create an enduring work of art sure to be treasured by your parish for generations to come. As the ultimate symbol of sacrifice, your crucifix deserves the labors of only the most skilled master craftsmen using the world’s finest imported marbles, precious metals, and seasoned wood with life-like finishes in traditional depictions.

Crosses and Crucifixes Image 1Crosses and Crucifixes Image 2
Crosses and Crucifixes Image 3Crosses and Crucifixes Image 4
Crosses and Crucifixes Image 5Crosses and Crucifixes Image 6
Crosses and Crucifixes Image 7Crosses and Crucifixes Image 8
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The crucifix is simply too important an icon to be “picked up” out of a mail order catalog or treated as a checklist item. We will show you there are proper options for the most recognizable symbol the world has ever known. This is one of the symbols your church building is designed around – not the other way around.

Crosses and Crucifixes Image 12Crosses and Crucifixes Image 13
Crosses and Crucifixes Image 14Crosses and Crucifixes Image 15
Crosses and Crucifixes Image 16Crosses and Crucifixes Image 17

At King Richard’s you can draw inspiration from our warehouse which is home to antique crosses and crucifixes recovered from churches and religious facilities around the world. Or we can help you refine your concepts through watercolor or CAD mock-ups that virtually position the crucifix within your church or chapel giving you an unmatched perspective during the critical early stages of the design process. Since this is what our business is all about - designing and executing religious art and sacred spaces – you can be assured your crucifix or cross will be special and worthy. We don’t sell wine, host and communion cards; we create religious artifacts that will be used as devotional items forever.

Crosses and Crucifixes Image 18Crosses and Crucifixes Image 19Crosses and Crucifixes Image 20

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