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Need an On-site Presentation?

There are literally dozens of questions to consider related to your reredos/altar needs. We will make you aware of situations, concerns, weight limits, color schemes and materials/technologies you would never have thought of until it was too late.

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“We are not ready for that yet” is by far the biggest mistake we hear on all sacred space projects. You are building/renovating a sacred space, not a game room or a strip mall. This is God’s house, and he is in the details.

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King Richard’s would be happy to visit your facility to discuss your upcoming renovation, construction or closure. Whether it’s a formal presentation to your building committee or a face-to-face sit down to get the ideas flowing, King Richard’s consultants can help you walk through the first critical steps in your planning process with confidence.

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[To request a visit from King Richard’s, click here]

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