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Altar Flooring

Good liturgical design is at its best when a cohesive aesthetic is reflected from the floor to the rafters. From concept to installation, King Richard’s can help you design a flooring scheme for your altar that will meet both your aesthetic desires and your practical budgetary and maintenance needs.

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Clients can choose from a wide range of flooring materials including marble, stone, tile, natural woods, or stained concrete. King Richard’s team of designers can offer expertise regarding subtle ways in which symbols, shields, and patterns can be incorporated to enrich the flooring design. The shield of a church’s patron saint, a psalm in gold leaf calligraphy, liturgical symbolism or repeating patterns can all inspire a sense of pride and belonging among your faith community. These tasks cannot be carried out by your local floor tile contractor. They do kitchens, bathrooms and patios; we don’t. These sacred images and symbols also cannot be left up to your general contractor or interior designer who doesn’t understand or perform liturgical design.

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And unlike other companies, King Richard’s services don’t end on the drawing board. Our team of experienced flooring technicians can install your flooring on schedule, on budget, and on par with your highest quality expectations.

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