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Nave Set of 13.5
Set of 16 Double Lancet Scenes by F. Mayer
Pair of Figural Windows
Antique Wood Carved Altar
Sanctuary Window Set
Choir Loft Set - Musical
Roman Nave Set
Wood Altar
Main Altar
Main Altar with Canopy
Pair of Single Lancets
Antique Italian Mosaic Last Supper Panel
Life of Joseph Transept Window
Pair of Standing Saints
Nave Set of 14 by FX Zettler
Sanctuary Rose Window
Gothic Reredos
Gothic Screen
Altar with Paintings
Pair of Antique Side Altars
Life of Mary Transept Window
Marble Altar Set
Marble Altar with Gothic Details
Set of Single Lancet Scenes
Pair of Saints
Double Lancet Set of 7
Set of 12 Figural Windows
Gothic Wood Side Altars
Gothic Nave Set of 21
Side Altars
Antique Reredos
Gothic Wood Reredos
Gothic Side Altars
Main Altar
Gothic Side Altars
Gothic Reredos
Large Sanctuary Set
Set of 5 Sanctuary Windows
Gothic Reredos
Classic Romanesque Marble Side Altars
Set of 16 Nave Windows