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Altars & Altar Rails High Altars/Side Altars/Reredos-Antique Gothic

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Title: Vintage Oak Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1126
KRALTAR-1126: Vintage oak gothic reredos. Approximately 70 years old. In original condition. Altar Dimensions: 39 inches in height, 72 inches in width, 20 inches in dept...
Title: Pair of Gothic Wood Side Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-816A
Nice wood Gothic side altar painted white. Dimensions: 14' Height x 55" Width...
Title: Antique Altar Fragment With Niches
Item Number: KRF-1935
KRF-1935: Large altar fragment with carved niches. A painting did go in the center section above the mensa. Dimensions: 66 inches in height, 56 inches in width, 14 inches...
Title: Large Carved Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-948
Very fine hand carved Gothic reredos. Was originally stained and varnished and later painted. Can refinish to a natural wood if desired. Dimensions: H: 24' W: 9' D: 4' Co...
Title: Daprato Studios Gothic High Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-535
KRALTAR-535: Daprato Studios Gothic High Altar. Beautiful 1920s gothic high altar from Daprato Studios. This circa 1920s altar has 3 lighted statue niches with gold mosai...
Title: Museum Quality Hand Carved Gothic Marble Shrine
Item Number: KRALTAR-27
This museum quality shrine was created by a notable, well listed artist.Dimensions:18 feet in height, 7 feet in width and 7 feet in depth. Please call for details.Approxi...
Title: Large Antique Altar With Center Niche
Item Number: KRALTAR-495
KRALTAR-495: Beautiful butternut colored antique altar with a large center statue niche. In original conditon. Dimensions: 84 inches in width, 40 inches in depth. Dimensi...
Title: Vintage Gothic Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1147
KRALTAR-1147: Vintage gothic wood side altar / reredos with built in tabernacle. Approximately 80-90 years old. In original condition. Dimensions: 140 inches in height, ...
Title: Vintage Gothic Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1148
KRALTAR-1148: Vintage gothic wood side altar / reredos. Approximately 80-90 years old. In original condition. Dimensions: 140 inches in height, 69 inches in width, 21.5 ...
Title: 1928 Carved Italian Marble Altar with Statues
Item Number: KRALTAR-947
Carved Marble Art at its finest. Italian altar with St Elizabeth and St Rose of Lima (66" high each!) Statues included. The mosaic is not included and King Richards will ...
Title: Rare Rosato Marble Reredos with Mosaic Inlay
Item Number: KRALTAR-932
The reredos is hand carved from "Red Rosato" marble (exotic and incredibly expensive to mine). Features include Gothic spires, panels, and extensive mosaic work. Matching...
Title: Vintage Carved Wood Gothic Style High Altar/Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-892
KRALTAR-892-Vintage Carved Wood Gothic Style High Altar/Reredos. White painted carved wood Gothic style high altar/reredos with gold leaf highlights. Original Last Supper...
Title: Vintage Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-971
Vintage Gothic Reredos (circa 1950s-1960s) See matching Ambo (KRF-2118) In Original Condition Height - 118 inches Width - 80 inches Depth - 34 inches...
Title: Vintage Carrara Marble Gothic Style Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1120
KRALTAR-1120: Vintage very fine Italian 1900-1910 carrara marble altar with hand carved details. Tabernacle is included. Statue sold separately. In original condition. D...
Title: Vintage Marble Gothic Style Main Altar Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1121
KRALTAR-1121: Vintage large carrara gothic reredos from 1900-1910. Exceptional hand carved details throughout including Alpha Omega base with Agnus Dei center panel, goth...
Title: Large Gothic Carved Oak Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-860
KRALTAR-860-Large Gothic Carved Oak Reredos. No steps, we have the matching pulpit. Dimensions: Height: 17 1/2 feet. Width: 14 feet. Depth: 2 feet. ...
Title: Vintage European Wood Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1051
KRALTAR-1051: Vintage European Wood Gothic Reredos. In original condition....
Title: Set Of Three Gothic Wood Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-366
KRALTAR-366: Set of three gothic wood altars: high altar and matching side altars. The main altar has two statue niches and a beautiful center panel with the crucifix and...
Title: Antique Gothic Reredos with Exceptional Detail
Item Number: KRALTAR-965
Vintage oak reredos. Very nice carved gothic details (hand of God in the middle), gothic tracery pierce carved. In original condition. Dimensions: Height 9'4" Width 7'1" ...
Title: Antique Marble Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-938
Antique Marble Altar / Tabernacle Stand Contact your King Richards Representative for more details....
Title: Crucifixion Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1202
One of a kind carved wood reredos features scenes from the crucifixion hand-painted on this vintage oak reredos. Neo-gothic styling, gold leaf inscription, and pierced ca...
Title: Versatile Gothic Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1203
This  versatile oak reredos features side paneling making it perfect for one large installation or for continuity over multiple locations within a sanctuary. Pierced car...